Saturday, October 12, 2013



and h..ere....s    Jimmy!


I have been so busy that I haven't added to my blog in waaay too long. I have many pictures I have taken to update my blog with and to tell the story of my dad's garden. It has been a busy summer moving the plants from dad's garden to my yard. Last week we finally transplanted the miniature pussy willow tree that Amanda had given to my dad last year. He carefully planted it outside and this spring we were so happy to see that it had made it through the winter.

A friend of mine had asked me to join a women's writing group after I told her how I could see some sort of story in Jimmy the little horse with casts! The group has been amazing. It feels more like grief counseling and joyous wonder all wrapped into one! Some people turn to writing to express their loss but of course it isn't all just about that. One lady wrote a book called "Thin Places" after a death in her family and it is amazing. I will tell you more about the books as the months go on....and I promise I will be here!!

The garden was wonderful this summer. I spent 3 1/2 weeks in Africa so it was out of control when I returned but we still had a decent harvest. I am already planning what I want to grow next year! This morning we ate some cantaloupe that I grew. Dad's Dahlias are blooming beautifully as did his Calla Lillies. The strangest thing happened when I transplanted dad's little tree...I could see and feel his hands touching that same soil AND the love he felt as he planted it. It was so comforting and so sad all that the same time!

We also brought home the miniature horses! The picture above is Jimmy. Well, his full name is "Always in Your Heart"-Jimmy. My dad and I shared a moment when he was giving me a one of his favorite artist prints...I just started to cry and said I didn't want him to leave me...and he said, "Kuff, I will always be in your heart." I am so happy that we shared that moment because it is what has become my guiding principle in ways. He is always in my heart so I always feel him close.

Mike and I went to North Carolina to pick up three miniature horses. Their names are Major, Topper, and of course Jimmy. We camped in a KOA on our way back so that the horses didn't have to spend 17 hours on the move. It was an adventure to say the least! Once I got home I was really lost at what to do next. I found a new friend, Pat, right down the road that has miniature horses...We both have lived here 27 years and I never knew she was there! She in turn put in me in touch with a lady named Jeanne that has miniature horses and has a dwarf horse!! Dwarfs are basically special needs horses. I didn't know that about Jimmy when I agreed to purchase him. How could I turn my back on a horse I named after my dad??? So stayed tuned for the trials and tribulations of raising a dwarf miniature horse!!

I need to harvest the honey stay tuned for that adventure.
Blessings to all. Be sure to reach out to those you love and haven't seen in a while...and always give lots of hugs! Until next time......

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