Monday, April 22, 2013

A Crazy Week!

It's hard to prepare garden beds when they look like this!

April 22nd, 2013
Not only do I have to get these beds prepared but another bed is going around the perimeter AND I have to prepare for dad's garden. It figures that the spring I have so much to do...this is the weather we have!!
Though this feels unbelievable because I want dad's garden to be perfect-it doesn't compare to the crazy week in Boston!
We were in Boston this week for a friend's wedding but ended up being a part of the city's lock down! The wedding party couldn't get their tuxes. The rehearsal dinner was cancelled because the restaurant was closed- people couldn't get to work. No subways, no trains, and no taxis for a time. The streets were empty! Quincy Market was empty. It was amazing to see that all of Bostonians respected the lockdown and there was no complaining! My heart feels for the people of Boston and all of those that were injured in the Marathon Bombing. I couldn't get the images of those that died out of my mind.
The empty streets in downtown Boston
Quincy Market-Empty!
Once the suspects were off the streets-we were able to enjoy the beautiful spring flowers and weather in Boston!
A trio of spring containers
I love the use of the spruce with the pussy willows and the spring time flowers. I can't wait until our bulbs start blooming. This upcoming weekend maybe?