Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Our First Honey Harvest!

Honey Bears filled with Honey Girl Farm honey!!
SWEEEEEET...the first jars of honey fresh out of the hive! My bees survived the winter, they flourished all summer pollinating my garden AND creating this beautiful golden honey!
Special thanks to my brother Jim who had a logo designed for me. I am still working on the best way to place the logo on the labels and the type of labels...still a work in process.
The plain jar version
I tried using some of the plain jars too. I think with the fancy logo I really don't need the honey bear. I think the label should be round too. Any thoughts?

You might notice that in front of the barn are three horses. These represent Jimmy, Major, and Topper. They are to be used for therapy horses. If I was to sell the honey-all of that money would go to help fund the travel costs and other expenses for the horses. Everything about Honey Girl Farm and Gardens is in remembrance of my dad. I haven't figured out how to combine the two yet...so for now..you might get some honey in your Christmas stocking!

Sadly, Jimmy-the horse named for my dad-has died. Jimmy lived 6 short months. He was a dwarf and suddenly wasn't gaining weight and his front legs appeared to be getting weaker.  I am very shocked and saddened by the loss of Jimmy. Jimmy was to be the "star of the show" and help me build a legacy in honor of my dad. 

Jimmy -RIP little guy!
Jimmy was able to visit the Afton/Lakeland library for a story time visit with a group of children. Jimmy had a great time getting brushed and standing nicely during story time! Then we went and visited an old friend of my dads. I am happy Jimmy was able to leave me with such wonderful memories of doing what we had set out to do-although it was a very short time. 

Jimmy died on a Monday November 4th and that Wednesday-November 6th was the first birthday of my dad's that he would not be here to celebrate.  The grandkids decided that GGPa needed Jimmy with him in heaven for that first birthday without us. I hope they shared a piece of heavenly birthday cake!

Remember that those that have left this earth will always live within our hearts!
Love ya pops...I hope heaven is treating you and Jimmy well!

P.S. Nice lady at Office Max I hope you read my blog and enjoy the honey!!

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