Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Crazy May and Busy Days!

What a crazy start to May! This is the snow that we woke up to the morning of May 2nd. The trees were weeping with heavy, wet snow on them. But in the grand scheme of life-a little snow in May is nothing to weep about.

So this was the snow on May 2nd!

We had a busy weekend. On Saturday Mike, me, and the Mike Jr. family all participated in the Run for the Roses 5K to benefit the "This Old Horse Organization." It was a wet, muddy run but I finished my first 5K (well I walked some)!! It was a fantastic event.  We sipped on non-alcoholic Mint Juleps...the drink of choice at the Kentucky Derby! Some runners donned fancy hats. This was the first year of the run so expect even more fun next year!! Check out This Old Horse!

Mom and dad always watched the Kentucky Derby together so I went over to mom's house and watched the derby.

Sunday I did some more horsing around with Nathan. We went to groom Joey of the Half Pint Horse Foundation. Joey would be visiting some senior friends and needed to be cleaned up. I arrived a little early so thank goodness for youtube. I needed a refresher on how to put the halter on. We got Joey all brushed and sort of ready to go. Once Allison got there we vacuumed him and washed his hooves. He is so precious and laid his head in Nathan's lap.
Nathan with Joey
The afternoon was beautiful and it was time to start working to move dad's garden. Bittersweet to say the least. I could hear his voice and see him walking through his garden and pointing out all of his flowers to me. It was easy to tell that his last day's in the garden must have been hard for him. He has so many plants and so many beds to weed. The crocus were in full bloom, the grape hyacinths were popping up, as were the tulip leaves. There were irises everywhere and Lyle helped dig them up with the pitch fork.  We carefully removed the leaves uncovering emerging plants.
Lyle, my brother-in-law, and my sister Jamie

Mom looking for that Big Daddy Hosta
More bagging and potting in the days to come. Sure wish Pops was here to play in his yard with us!
After some digging, potting, and of course tears...it was time to head home. And look what greeted me!
Another of dad's amaryllis was blooming. Wendy said when she noticed that only two flowers had bloomed so far..she said it reminded her of me and my dad. I like that. 

Dad's amaryllis
Sunday night was time to get the two new packages of bees into their new hives! Nathan was my photographer. 
The new hives ready for bees

Spraying the bees with sugar water to slow them down

The bees were successfully installed into their new hives. I will leave them bee (no pun intended ha, ha) for a few days so that they can get acclimated and start making the honeycomb so that the queen can get laying eggs!

Speaking of eggs...the last chore of the day was to round up the chickens and gather the eggs! Until next time....don't forget to tell those you love just how much you love them!
Nathan with one of our hens-love you Nathan! What a great help he was today. 

Beautiful brown eggs

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